We are the first and only company in Egypt to design and manufacture adaptable charging solutions that can charge any device.


Table charger

Top features

  WORKS WITH iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.
  BATTERY 6000 : 12000 mAh(22.2 Wh)
  ACRYLIC MENU showing special beverages or promotions
  COLORS Black, White
  Special features locking security cable
  SIZE 120mm * 105mm * 30mm
  WEIGHT 350g
  MADE IN Egypt
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We won the 1st place at Startup Nova


Completely wireless charger




More than device


Wireless Charging

Happiana Team

Mahmoud Saied

Founder & CEO

ahmed gamal photo, Cofounder

Ahmed Gamal

Co-Founder & Software Architect

ahmed gamal photo, Cofounder

Mohammed Elwahsh

Marketing director

ahmed gamal photo, Cofounder

Ahmed Farag

Product Designer

Our first product made is "SunBank", a Wireless smart solar powerbank.Now we are creating and selling charging devices for restaurants so their clients can charge their phones on the table while enjoying their meals without using a wall socket.

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